ACPC Merit List 2023 PDF

You can download the ACPC Merit List 2023 PDF for free by using the direct link provided below on the page.


ACPC Merit List 2023 PDF

The ACPC Merit list for the year 2023 has been officially released by the concerned department on the websites,, or These websites serve as the primary platforms where students can access the comprehensive course-wise ACPC merit list for 2023 in PDF format. Additionally, students have the option to download the merit list directly from these websites by clicking on the designated download button. The ACPC Gujarat offers a wide array of courses for which the merit list for the year 2023 is available. These courses include B.E/B.Tech, Degree/Diploma Pharmacy, D to D Engineering, D to D Pharmacy, B.Arch, B.Plan, B.I.D/B.C.T, Degree Hotel Management, D to D Hotel Management, M.E/M.Pharm, MBA/MCA, M.Arch, and M.Plan. The Provisional Admission/Merit List for these courses for the year 2023 can be accessed on the aforementioned websites, providing students with essential information regarding their admission status.

For students seeking admission in the first year of Degree Engineering (B.E./B.Tech.) after Std. 12 (Science Stream) on State Quota seats, the admission process involves various categories of seats. This includes all sanctioned seats of Government and Grant-in-Aid Colleges, 33% seats of the sanctioned intake, and surrendered seats of Management quota of Centre of Excellence (CoE) Universities/Colleges in Gujarat, as well as 50% seats of the sanctioned intake and surrendered seats of Management quota of unaided Colleges in Gujarat. To streamline the admission process for the academic year 2023-24, the State Government of Gujarat has opted for a web-based online admission procedure. This online process ensures transparency, efficiency, and accessibility for students aspiring to secure admission in Degree Engineering programs across different institutions in the state. By implementing a digital admission mechanism, the authorities aim to simplify the application process, minimize logistical challenges, and provide equal opportunities for all eligible candidates.

The web-based online admission process not only facilitates the seamless allocation of seats but also enables students to make informed decisions regarding their educational journey. Through this digital platform, students can navigate the admission process, check their merit status, and secure their desired course efficiently. This initiative by the State Government underscores its commitment to enhancing the overall admission experience for students and promoting a merit-based selection process in educational institutions. the release of the ACPC Merit list for 2023 and the adoption of a web-based online admission process mark significant milestones in the realm of higher education in Gujarat. These initiatives not only streamline the admission process but also uphold principles of fairness, transparency, and accessibility in the educational landscape. By leveraging digital technologies to enhance the admission procedure, the State Government aims to empower students, foster academic excellence, and pave the way for a brighter future in the field of higher education.


Eligibility for Admission :

  1. The ACPC Merit list criteria for 2023, the admission process for various categories of seats in Government/Grant-in-Aid Institutions and unaided Institutions in Gujarat entails specific qualifications and examination requirements. For 95% of the total sanctioned intake of Government/Grant-in-Aid Institutions and 50% of the total sanctioned intake of unaided Institutions, candidates must meet the minimum qualifications specified in the table below. These qualifications should be obtained from schools located in Gujarat state, aligning with the eligibility criteria outlined in the admission rules. Additionally, candidates are required to have appeared in the GUJCET – 2023 examination to be considered for these seats.
  2. For the remaining 5% of seats in Government/Grant-in-Aid Institutions, candidates must fulfill distinct criteria. These candidates should have obtained the minimum qualifications specified in the table below from schools located in India, including Gujarat State, that are duly affiliated with any recognized board. Moreover, candidates vying for these seats must have appeared in the JEE (Main) – 2023 examination as part of the eligibility requirements.
  3. When it comes to Government seats of Centre of Excellence, the criteria for admission differ slightly. Candidates aspiring to secure seats in Centre of Excellence institutions need to meet specific qualifications obtained from schools located in Gujarat state, in accordance with the other eligibility criteria stipulated in the admission rules. Furthermore, candidates must have participated in the relevant entrance examination specified by the institution to be considered for admission to these prestigious seats.
  4. The stringent criteria set forth by the ACPC for different categories of seats underscore the importance of academic excellence, standardized testing, and compliance with eligibility requirements. By delineating specific qualification standards and examination mandates for distinct seat categories, the ACPC aims to ensure a fair and transparent admission process that upholds the principles of meritocracy and equal opportunity for all eligible candidates.
  5. The detailed criteria outlined by the ACPC for the 2023 admission cycle elucidate the rigorous standards and requirements that prospective students must meet to secure seats in Government/Grant-in-Aid Institutions, unaided Institutions, and Centre of Excellence establishments in Gujarat. By adhering to these criteria, candidates can navigate the admission process effectively, showcase their academic aptitude, and vie for coveted seats in esteemed educational institutions, thereby paving the way for a promising academic journey and future career prospects.